Step by Step


Influencers.Club is fully automated platform that facilitates the collaboration in the area of advertising between companies and people active in social media. The automation of the process means that everything is handled in one platform, starting with the creation of a campaign, by making contact with the chosen people, ending with payment for the campaign.
There are two types of accounts: Influencer and Advertiser. The first one is for people who manage Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts (Facebook pages i.e. for public figure, media company or brand etc.), have already engaged fans (“followers”), share their thoughts with a wider audience and influence them. The second one is for companies, brands etc. (represented by their employees, PR, Creative, Media Agencies etc.) or individuals that are willing to promote their products or services via Influencers.
Influencers.Club is always completely free for the Influencers. The Advertisers start with 14-day free trial and later they can decide on the subscription plan. After 14-day free trial, Advertisers WILL NOT be charged with any fees unless they choose the subscription plan.
While creating a campaign, Advertiser can fill in the appropriate information in the boxes provided or leave it empty. Influencer is able to add something, change it or leave it. The content is only a suggestion. In terms of Facebook: the only thing that must be provided by the Advertiser and then copied by the Influencer and pasted to a post on Facebook in the exact form is the target link. Regarding Twitter: chosen tweet must be retweeted and Influencer can add some comment if available. Regarding Instagram: Advertisers prepare photo description and provide Influencer with obligatory #tags and @mentions - Influencers prepare post on their own.
The Advertiser creates a campaign (delivers the content and target link), sets start and end day, decides on the budget for the campaign and send the invitation to the Influencer of its choice. The Influencer gets the notification and can either accept or reject it. If the campaign is accepted, the Influencer needs to copy the target link provided by the Advertiser and paste it to the post created on Facebook, retweet post on Twitter, prepare proper photo/film and include tags on Instagram. After publication, Influencer copies the link of the post and paste it in the right box in Influencers.Club. Then, this post is automatically verified by the system and is either correct or wrong (if wrong, the target link needs to be validated). The post on the Influencer’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wall needs to be visible to the audience for 30 days since positive verification. After that time, the money is transferred to the Influencer in Influencers.Club automatically.
Target link is the link provided by the Advertiser during the campaign creation and is the only obligatory element from all of the content that needs to be copied and pasted to the Influencer’s post in the same form as provided. This link is used to verify the post’s correctness and therefore money payment.


Our system doesn’t provide conditions for being qualified as Influencer. It means that everyone who manages a Facebook account may become part of our marketplace.
There is a moderation process and profile activation for the first time must be confirmed by admin. Administrator may contact you to get more information.
For now, it’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We plan to develop Influencers.Club to other social platforms. More information soon.
Influencer can sign up via Twitter, Instagram or personal Facebook accounts after the Terms & Privacy acceptation.
You can activate any of your managed fanpages. While activating for the first time, the Administrator will verify your request. You can see the status of specific profile/page in the table, next to its name. Five statuses are possible: Accepted (activation confirmed), Rejected (activation rejected), Blocked (turned off permanently by the admin), Pending (between the activation request and admin's decision), Blank (until any of previous ones is set, the column remains blank).   You are also notified of admin's decision with en Email.
Simply switch it off using the slider. You’re always able to change its status. All of your Facebook pages are visible to you, but only those with the ON mode are visible to Advertisers.
We require your full name, VAT registration number (if you operate as business), full address. Any additional information are not necessary but may help. These data are used e.g. to issue a receipt.
Set your price per post - this information is visible to the Advertisers. If you take part in any campaign and the system verifies your post positively, money will be transferred to your account in Influencers.Club after 30 days since the verification of the published post. You can pay out the money after reaching $100. A button for payout appears in the Finances tab so you can click on it and send a payout request to Administrator. We'll contact you to get your PayPal ID and make the payment. All payments are done via PayPal.
It depends on you. You set the price per post and on the basis of this information, the Advertisers may send you invitations to their campaigns.
The post must remain public on your Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram wall for at least 30 days since the correct verification.
Of course! The decision about the content of the post is totally up to you. The only thing you can’t change and must copy and paste to your public post is the target link (for Facebook), #tags or @mentions (Instagram) or comment (Twitter).
Yes. When you sign up for Influencers.Club, you need to activate profiles/pages you manage so the Advertisers could see them and invite you to their campaigns. If it's the first activation, admin must confirm it. Just fill in information about your profile / page: price per post, keywords and countries (if possible) and click "Save and activate profile". You can also switch the slider to "ON" after completing information about your profile. In both cases, your activation request is sent to admin.
You can see the status of specific profile/page in the table, next to its name. Five statuses are possible: Accepted (activation confirmed), Rejected (activation rejected), Blocked (turned off permanently by the admin), Pending (between the activation request and admin's decision), Blank (until any of previous ones is set, the column remains blank). You are also notified of the admin's decision with an Email.
We do our best to make it as quickly as possible. A few hours is really the maximum.


Advertiser is a company/ brand represented by its employee or any other person (like PR, Creative, Media Agencies etc.) or an individual who just wants to promote own products, services, website, work etc. They create campaigns in order to advertise their goods.
There are two options: via email or Google+ , after the Terms & Privacy acceptation.
We require your full name, VAT registration number, full address. Any additional information are not neccessary but may help.
No. The only limitation is the price per post set by the Influencer. This element needs to be considered while creating the campaign, because it may require more funds.
Yes. Your account in Influencers.Club needs to be pre-paid by PayPal. After your invitation for the campaign is accepted by the Influencer, the funds allocated to this campaign are blocked.
Price per post is set by the Influencer only. This element is always visible to the Advertisers.
Our campaign analytics system presents views, reach and engagement across Facebook and allows to get real-time Cost Per Engagement (CPE) metrics to analyze and control real dollar return on Influencer investment. It shows average cost of reaching one user for all campaigns.