If you are an Agency you may start offering Influencer Marketing services to your current customers using Influencers.Club


Find the best Influencers registered on our platform for your customers

Our platform enables you to find Influencers in every niche. Use filters to find proper Influencers registered on our platform and launch campaigns for your customers according to their expectations. If your customers require Influencers that are not in Influencers.Club, you may invite them to join and collaborate with all of them in one place.


Build your own groups of Influencers for your customers and manage them

Build customized groups of registered and vetted Influencers, depends on different factors that matters to your customers. Groups can help you to add hundreds of Influencers to campaigns with a single click.


Create campaigns across different social channels in a few minutes

With our platform you can prepare and launch many campaigns in different social media channels, depends on your customer’s interests. Create campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram separately one by one on or launch the same in all channels. Name them and set their options individually in order to control budget, track results in different time periods and follow statistics.


Track campaigns results and control costs

You can track total results of all of your campaigns or choose specific one for your customer. Control the real time metrics and costs and decide on a budget.